GRASS and river classification

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Wed Jun 15 09:44:00 EDT 1994

Can anyone provide any information on this problem.

Our organisation carrys out an annual classification of the English & 
Welsh rivers. This ranges from 1A (excellent) to 4 (poor). We can produce 
maps that show the various stretchs of the rivers coloured according to 
classification on our old mainframe system - it uses a series of 
classification points which have a certain class and apply upstream along 
the river until another class point is found.

I'd like to use GRASS to create these maps - the question is how ??

We have the rivers as a vector dataset and I've loaded and plotted these. 
How can I get different parts plotted in a colour corresponding to the 
value of a point or do I have to somehow create a vector set for each 
year of classification - but this would involve storing the coordinates 
many times.

Thanks in advance for any help, 

Steve Culshaw
NRA North West
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