s.to.rast rountine

Craig Anderson caa at noaacdc.Colorado.EDU
Fri Jun 24 00:22:23 EDT 1994

	I am using the grass routine s.to.rast to convert meterological data to
a raster so point in polygon searches can be accomplished.  The only problem
that I have is that some of the sites fall in the same grid cell and only
the last one is actually assinged to the raster.  
	Ideally I would like to get some type of message telling me that this
is occuring and then the value(station number) displayed to the screen or to 
a file.  Can anyone point me in the right direction towards achieving this.  
	Note that I am already using a fine raster 1 minute global scale
and that going any finer is going to provide a severe hinderance.

caa at noaacrd.colorado.edu

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