New programs- s.gnis

Tom D'Avello s17 at
Wed Mar 2 08:59:13 EST 1994

Two new tools for utilizing USGS Geographic Names Information System
National Geographic Names Data Base have been contributed to the
moon as GNIS.tar. The contents include the following:   shell script that calls 2 C progs and also
                    does formatting and coordinate conversions (ll to
	            UTM). This gets GNIS data prepped for s.gnis.

	s.gnis      program that creates site files by feature type
                    at a user specified summary level ie, 7.5' quad,
                    county, or UTM zone. The site file naming
                    convention is: summary_level.feature, EX.
           (all schools in Champaign County).

The README files should cover everything.

The GNIS National Names Data Base contains about 2 million geographic
feature names in the US-populated places, schools, cemetaries, parks,
etc. Pretty much any feature on a printed 7.5' Quad. It is not complete,
at least for quads we have checked in Illinois, but its a cheap, quick
way to get site data. USGS sells data by state, with ample documentation,
per their pricing structure.

Enhancements- is a baling wire solution that works. A program
              that incorporates what does into one seamless
              tape extraction,format,coord conversion,reformat, would
              be neater. Send any comments or fixes to:

Tom D'Avello
Soil Conservation Service
Champaign, IL
s17 at

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