McCauley's new site format proposal

Raymond Venneker venn at
Wed Mar 16 06:03:17 EST 1994

I haven been looking at the new site record format proposal by Darrell
McCauley/Bernard Engel. Looks like a big leap forward. There is however
one problem in handling string attributes and since I'm not able to
attend the Reston Conference I'll bring this up here: Strings can not
contain whitespace. Extending the example on page 3, 2nd paragraph:

	#56 @clay %5.6
	#54 @"blue" clay %5.4
	#62 @Rosebloom silt loam, frequently flooded %6.2
	#49 @Rosebloom silt loam, ponded %4.9
	#55 @Memphis silt loam %5.5

Unless I'm very mistaken G_new_get_site() will return an error status on
records 2,3,4,5  because it sees the wrong number of string fields; 2, 5,
4 and 3 respectively. My suggestion is to indicate strings by enclosing
them between double quote characters:

	#56 "clay" %5.6
	#54 "\"blue\" clay" %5.4
	#62 "Rosebloom silt loam, frequently flooded" %6.2
	#49 "Rosebloom silt loam, ponded" %4.9
	#55 "Memphis silt loam" %5.5

This mechanism is much used in our daily software like cc, shells
(including the celebrated tclsh), troff, scripts for r.binfer etc. etc.


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