Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Tue Mar 22 15:03:55 EST 1994

> I snagged what was in moon:grass/incoming and tried to compile
> using gcc 2.5.5 and Solaris 2.3. After a slew of warnings such as:
> view.c: In function `viewEventHandler':
> view.c:297: warning: passing arg 1 of `Tk_DoWhenIdle' from incompatible pointer type
> it died when it couldn't find tkConfig.h and tkInt.h.
> Is this part of tk or is it missing from the distribution? 
> (I'm trying to get by with the tk/tcl includes/libs already 
> installed here - did the sys admins forget to install these files?)
> --Darrell
Hi, Darrell
I've been playing with this stuff too. tkConfig.h and tkInt.h are both found
directly under the tk3.6 directory in the latest tk release. I had to do a fair
of playing with the tcltkgrass Makefile to get it where it could find 
everything (but then I'm really not that experienced at using make as opposed
to gmake!!). So far everything seems to be working for me...

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