ceil() and floor()

Gerald I. Evenden gie at charon.er.usgs.gov
Mon Mar 28 11:56:43 EST 1994

>From: nsmith at polar.bowdoin.edu (Neel Smith)
>Subject: ceil() and floor()
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>Date: Mon, 28 Mar 1994 11:07:06 (EST)
>Can anyone tell me easily where these functions are defined?  I don't
>see them in any of the obvious libraries.
>Thanks in advance.
>Neel Smith
>nsmith at abacus.bates.edu

These are standard C functions that are part of the math library.
They have been around forever.

double ceil(double x) : returns the smallest integral value not less than x

double floor(double x) : returns the largest integral value not greater than x

`floor' should not be confused with integer truncation:

	floor(15.7)  ->  15.0
	floor(-15.7) -> -16.0

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