GISGEN problems

James Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Mon May 2 20:28:24 EDT 1994

Your problem originates in /tools1/grass4.1/src/libes/gis/Gmakefile or
/tools1/grass4.1/src/libes/gis/dalloc.c. It looks as though
/tools1/grass4.1/src/libes/gis/ialloc.c has been cat'ed onto dalloc.c
(thus some symbols are duplicated in libgis.a).

The quick fixed would be to remove line 88 from the
Gmakefile(	ialloc.o\), remove the library, and re-run gmake4.1 in
this directory.

Apparently Sun's 'ld' never complained of this - this is
the first time that I've seen this problem. Perhaps the
integer allocation routines will be deleted from dalloc.c
in a later release (I've cc'ed Olga).


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News Account (news at yuma.ACNS.ColoState.EDU) writes on 2 May 94:
>From: melannie at NREL.ColoState.EDU (Melannie Hartman)
>Organization: Natural Resource Ecology Lab, Colo. State Univ.

>I am trying to install Grass 4.0 on an hp700.  While running
>GISGEN, I get the following "Duplicate symbol" error from ld.
>Has anyone seen such an error or know what I can do to correct

>  make -f OBJ.hp700/make.rules 
>        rm -f a.out

>/bin/ld: Duplicate symbol "G_alloc_ivector", files /tools1/grass4.1/src/libes/LIB.hp700/libgis.a(dalloc.o) and /tools1/grass4.1/src/libes/LIB.hp700/libgis.a(ialloc.o)

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