GRASS 4.1 Update 4

Russ Hougland hougland at
Fri May 6 16:37:07 EDT 1994

                               GRASS 4.1 Update 4

GRASS 4.1 Update 4 is now available via anonymous ftp from
(IP Address:  This update includes fixes for the following
GRASS and XGRASS programs.  Refer to the UPDATES.4 file under the directory
/grass/grass4.1/update_packages for more detailed descriptions of the fixes.

    d.what.vect        m.dted.extract     r.tiff             ppm paint driver
    d.rast.edit             r.gif              xgrass
    i.cluster         xdigit
    i.composite        r.binfer           v.autocorr         gis library
    i.gensigset        r.coin             v.out.arc          btree library      r.line             v.out.dlg          Vect library             r.poly             v.out.dxf          display library
    g.manual           r.stats            v.prune            imagery library
    g.region             v.proj             dig_atts library           r.thin             XDRIVER            proj library

The update affects many GRASS library functions.  As a result, it will take a
considerable amount of time to compile.  As examples, it took about 2 1/2 hours
on a SPARCstation 10 and all morning on a SPARCstation IPC.

Users have the following choices:

  - Obtain Update Package 4 and apply it to existing GRASS 4.1 source code.
    An installation script is provided.  Update Package 4 should only be
    applied to source code that previously has had Update Packages 1 thru 3
    applied.  A C compiler is needed for compilation.

  - Obtain GRASS 4.1 source code and compile it yourself.  The source code
    is current and contains all the fixes from Update Packages 1 through 4.
    A C compiler is needed for compilation.

  - Users of Sun SPARCstations running SunOS 4.1.3 may retrieve a compiled,
    dynamically linked version of GRASS 4.1 Update 4 (the XDRIVER is statically
    linked with X11R5 libraries).  A separate, statically linked version of
    XGRASS is also available.  No C compiler is needed.

  - Ignore this update if there is no need or desire to incorporate the
    new fixes at this time.  Future updates should not be applied to your
    source code, however, until this update is installed.  This is because
    update packages do not contain bug fixes from previous update packages.

Instructions relating to the first three choices above may be found in the
following README files:


If you experience problems retrieving files from, please
send email to grass-ftp-admin at  Remember to transfer files
using the binary mode of ftp.

If you encounter difficulty with the installation or use of the update package,
source code, or the binary release, please submit a bug report using the GRASS
script or send email directly to grassbug at

The Office of GRASS Integration (OGI) regrets it does not have the resources
to provide technical support for releases.  The best approach to resolve a
problem is to consult the users and archives of the GRASShopper mailing list.

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