Censorship of GRASSHopper Traffic???!!!

Gerald I. Evenden gie at charon.er.usgs.gov
Thu May 26 14:34:57 EDT 1994

>Date: Thu, 26 May 94 12:37:25 -0400
>From: ken at meso.com (Ken Waight III)
>Subject: Re: Censorship of GRASSHopper Traffic???!!!
>I agree with Mark Line.  Making an allegation of censorship, however
>offhand, and then refusing to elaborate is kind of like Joe McCarthy
>in the '50's waving a sheaf of papers around without actually producing
>proof.  If your comment referred to some internal censorship at your site
>which has nothing to do with the list, just say so.  
>Whether one has a life outside of the Net is not relevant.  It's important
>on or off the Internet to be willing to speak openly, and to be prepared
>to stand behind your comments -- that's all.
>Ken Waight

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