Installing Grass for Solaris

Ken Sibley ksibley at
Tue Oct 4 09:46:24 EDT 1994

> Hi Ken,
> thanks for your prompt reply. I'll try to annotate your points in order
> to narrow down the problem:
> > 
> > Common problems with display locking:
> > 1)  When on machines not running X (mostly SCS sites) you will not
> >     have the display directory level.  Can cause problems for custom
> >     interfaces that expect specific paths.
> I'm running grass displays under Windows Exceed, so I suppose as far as
> Grass is concerned that's just X. The translations to local graphics are
> not seen by grass. Having said that, I do not have a display directory level, just lock files called mon.36585 mon.36586 with no readable information in them.
You are correct in saying that grass does not know the difference. 
I personally run the Exceeds/Xpress serial package for Windows on occassion
when I am working from home off of a Sparc (SunOs 4.1.3).  You do need
to have the DOS Windows setup to handle 256 colors (assuming it is a
Windows version).  I do not understand why you do not have the display
level directory.  Does this level appear when you run directly on the
Sun.  One thing you might try is running the old graphics driver without
the message queues.  This is supposed to be much slower, but the
Exceeds may not be able handle message queues.

Ken Sibley
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