Grass software grass at mishell.usda.msu.edu
Mon Oct 17 13:42:18 EDT 1994

Hi People,

Can anyone tell me where I can find "d.what.site"?

I checked the archive of old discussions and found that someone said it was at 
brcsun1.tamu.edu, but that address doesn't seem to want to talk to me.

Thanks in advance!


   Brent A. Stinson
   Computer Specialist                 	FAX:       (517) 337-6905 
   USDA S.C.S.                      	MWNET:     mwnet!mi600g!brent  
   1405 South Harrison Rd.		TELE:      (517)337-6701 ext. 1225
   East Lansing, Michigan  48823	INTERNET:  brent at mishell.usda.msu.edu

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