John Stamm jfs5 at k2.scl.cwru.edu
Fri Oct 28 12:21:15 EDT 1994

Hello.  I was trying to run d.mon, and ran into problems when selecting
a monitor.  I have a SunSPARC 5 and GRASS is on my personal account.
When GRASS looks for the correct fifo file, it looks under 
  /opt/grass/4.1/sol.4 ... /etc 
and I think it should be looking in my GRASS directory, i.e.:
(which is where I installed grass).  When I installed grass, I did
not recompile, but only transferred the binaries for solaris (sol.4.Z.*).
I'm hoping to avoid recomiling and was looking if there's a file where
I could edit an environment variable.  I already have edited the
GISBASE variable in grass4.1*.  I set this variable to my GRASS
directory (which has bin/ dev/ diag/ driver/ etc/ fonts/ ... in
the directory).  Does anyone know where the pat to /opt/grass ... is
set?  Thanks for any help.

John Stamm

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