non-FIFO monitor?

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I vaguely recall someone announcing, awhile back, that they
had developed a monitor patch that doesn't use FIFOs, but rather
uses more standard XWindows methods.  Looking back in my archives,
though, I don't see the information.  Does anyone have the details?
Does the thing work?  Well?


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 Yes. It works - it is particularly useful on Solaris, which is
 pianfuly slow with FIFOs.  It is on he moon -- get MessQ.README
 Even with that Message Queue, grass monitor has X-driver added as
 one of the later options. An alternative, which may not be backwards
 compatible, but faster and ,ore ineractive (more clickable) would be
 useful (IMHO) . I asked about that few weeks and one reply I got was
 Tclgrass (now in alpha test). That will be great BUT it is just a new
 front end to exisiting monitor. That is not it. There is another program,
 written by an independednt developer, which was written from fresh start,
  -- it was mentioned on the list once, some six month ago, but I lost the
 reference to it - and no one knows about it now (may be it was vaporvare?)
  In any case, a new fresh, simple X-only, clickable zoom&pan and layer
 selection) display for grass looks to me like a worthwhile project. 
    Peter Mikes pom at

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