Ed Freeborn u7b14 at
Thu Sep 1 08:13:31 EDT 1994

I am a newcomer to the GRASS lists, so I apologize if this has
already been addressed.  I have recently obtained some software
which among other neat stuff has the ability to convert ADRG to
GRASS files.  Unfortunately (for me) it was developed in an
XVT environment.  I have access to the XVT system, and was
prepared to start deconstructing the code when it occurred to
me that perhaps someone has already done this. Or MAYBE some-
one has developed a straight ANSI C version of this utility.
It should also be noted that I have not had a chance to 
devour the GRASS manuals or look at an ADRG spec yet. So 
if I am overlooking something even more obvious, please set
me straight.


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