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Subject: s.semivar - Semivariogram modeling for GRASS

s.semivar is a GRASS sites program for exploratory analysis and
semivariogram modeling of one variable in R^2. I am again soliciting
for beta testers from GRASS users. If you are interested, drop me a
note (so I can keep you informed of changes) and grab the source code


P.S.: *Please* send me email if you would like to be informed
of changes. I will be compiling a new list of beta testers,
so if I don't hear from you, you will not have any more
notices about s.semivar sent directly to you.

P.P.S: This is version 0.14B <05 Sep 1994>. Changes since
version 0.09B <24 Aug 1993> include:
  added manual model fitting (like Geo-EAS).
  added Mitas/Mitasova's radial basis function.
  added several plotting abilities, including
    a "crude" surface plot (for exploratory purposes) and
    normal and lognormal probability plots. 
    scaling of h-scatterplots fixed (ranges).
The plan is to get this software ready for testing
in the next version of GRASS, so any feedback from
beta testers regarding functionality and/or documentation
will be valued. A non-GRASS version is planned for
sometime down the road...

James Darrell McCauley, Purdue Univ, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1146, USA
mccauley at, mccauley%ecn at purccvm.bitnet, pur-ee!mccauley

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