problem re-est. links

Mike Foster mike_foster at
Fri Sep 9 11:58:59 EDT 1994

Hi folks:

     Yesterday my GRASS4.1 system got corrupted and I restored the entire
GRASS home directory from a tape backup (binaries and all).  Now I am having
trouble re-establishing the system.  I have used the original setup.script. 
The links between the binaries and front.end seem to work, and I seem to have
access to the graphics drivers, but I get the following message when I hit
ESC to continue at the opening GRASS screen (before the GRASS > prompt:

Sorry, <MONITOR> is not a valid parameter
 g.gisenv [-lLprs] [start=name] [stop=name] [select=name]
  -l   List all monitors
  -L   List all monitors (with current status)
  -p   Print name of currently selected monitor
  -r   Release currently selected monitor
  -s   Do not automatically select when starting
   start   Name of graphics monitor to start
    stop   Name of graphics monitor to stop
  select   Name of graphics monitor to select
  unlock   Name of graphics monitor to unlock
OPTION:   Name of graphics monitor to start
     key: start
required: NO
enter option > 

It seems that the initial call to g.gisenv in the startup script is
unhappy.  Can anyone suggest what I might need to do to fix this?

       Thanks for any help you can provide.

       Mike Foster
       Penn State University

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