? s.semivar

James Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Mon Sep 12 01:01:39 EDT 1994

Shyh-yuan Liu (syl at imt.ntou.edu.tw) writes on 11 Sep 94:
>  I'm success compiled s.semivar but I try the s.semivar appear
>"ERROR: G_malloc: out of memory".

sounds like your machine does not have enough memory (I 
did not notice any memory leaks during testing, but I'll
check again).

Try a smaller data set and see if you still have problems.
I sometimes use data sets with several hundred observations,
but then machines that I use typically have 32MB of memory.

If others are having similar problems, let me know how
much memory your machine has and how large your data sets are.
In the current design of s.semivar, speed was regarded as
more important than memory.


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