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Fri Sep 23 14:58:09 EDT 1994

> I was really  wondering if anything had been arranged to coordinate
> effort in the GRASS community. If a lot of people are using tcl
> and tk with grass then, I suspect, a lot of wheels are being
> re-invented.  So far, in the limited amount of tcl experimenting
> I've done, I've had to implement the equivalent of; 
> G_gisdbase, G_location_path, G_mapset, G_find_file and G_ask_old
> in order to make one listbox from which to select a GRASS file. 

I do not know the state of copywrite and so on on TCLGRASS
but they have an entire file (for a toplevel) devoted to this
very thing...

legalities are beyond my training :).

> cheers, Tom  8-)
> Tom Charnock
> Dept Civil Engineering
> Aston University
> Birmingham B4 7ET UK
> charnotw at

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