Annouce: reading ArcView 2 shape files

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Thu Apr 20 08:00:00 EDT 1995

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In article <3n4n4r$d73 at> you write:
>As I promised earlier to GIS-L, I've obtained a copy of the
>ArcView Shape File format specs and written some library
>functions for programmers wanting to write conversion
>Included is documentation, sample data, and a simple
>example program which converts shape file data into a
>pseudo-GRASS ASCII vector format. If you use these
>functions to write your own conversion programs, I would
>appreciate hearing from you.
>Disclaimer: these functions only work on machines with big endian
>byte ordering, which means THEY WON'T WORK ON A PC! 
>(For some unknown reason, ESRI mixes big and little endian byte 
>ordering in shape files.)
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