2 meter satellite imagery available

gary tao 73623.2631 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Aug 9 08:00:00 EDT 1995

SPIN-2 (SPace INformation - 2 meter) offers 2 meter resolution
panchromatic satellite imagery as a cost effective alternative to
conventional cadastral photography.  For  specialized  GIS, tax,
transportation  and  precision  mapping   applications,  5 meter
resolution infrared  and  near  infrared  imagery  can  also  be 
provided.  Recent archive data is currently  available  and  new 
imagery acquisitions will be made in early 1996.  This is a very
unique opportunity to order coverages you need at a cost far less 
than conventional methods. SPIN-2 provides a unique solution for 
your remote sensing requirements.

SPIN-2 is available through:

AERIAL IMAGES                      (919)833-9662  voice
                                   (919)833-9614  fax
                      or email to: SPIN2 at NANDO.NET

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