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Martin Ameskamp ma at
Tue Dec 19 07:00:00 EST 1995

Hi there,

I posted some advice about using GRASS with C++ yesterday, but I forgot to
mention one or two details.

C++ needs full prototypes of external functions - these are provided in
the file grass-defs.h I put on the moon.
grass-defs.h includes gis.h for type definitions and constants, which is no
problem except for the fact that gis.h includes gisdefs.h - which is full of
horrible K&R 'prototypes' (i.e. gives return types for some functions).
C++ compilers don't like these things and the best way of solving the
problem - IMHO - is to bracket gisdefs.h by
#ifndef __cplusplus
gisdefs.h things

Every selfrespecting C++ compiler defines this symbol, no C compiler
defines it, so you can work in C++ and GRASS code will compile as before.
The same thing can be done wherever the odd K&R prototype is included
(src/mapdev/diglib/dig_externs.h is another case).


PS postscript as in PS, not as in <file>.ps!
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