A call to all OS designers

JETHEL at cris.com JETHEL at cris.com
Wed Dec 20 07:00:00 EST 1995

To all those who have despised MS for its rather unethical practices
we (our group has no name yet) are sending a call to arms.  The goal,
to create a 32bit OS that's both graphical and efficient (a word
that's obviously not in the Microsoft dictionary).  To all interested
programmers who wish to help us (it will be freeware, let's see M$ top
that!) please respond to jethel at cris.com and I will mail you the
particulars.  We are looking for shareware programmers who are skilled
in ASM, C++, and Pascal.  Whether you have a grudge against Mr. Gates
or just wish to flex the coding muscles your help and input will be
eagerly accepted.

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