Export to A/I grid

Malcolm Williamson malcolm at cast.uark.edu
Tue Jan 17 10:10:24 EST 1995

> I'm trying to share a GRASS raster with a colleague using Arc/Info.
> Several arcplot commands directly read GRASS format, according to the
> A/I manual, but I can't figure out what ArcInfo means when it
> says to use "standard GRASS File naming conventions (i.e.,
> location:mapset:name)"
> Has anyone does this who can point me to the right file naming convention
> for ArcInfo to read the GRASS raster?
> Thanks.
> Neel Smith
> smith at hcacad.holycross.edu
The first thing to note is that GRASS raster files being exported to Arc Grid
should have GRASS3.x colortable format. Assuming that yours were generated in
GRASS4.x, you'll need to "setenv FORCE_GRASS3_COLORS" and then use r.resample
to create a new raster layer. Then (using some of my coworkers' instructions):
1) setenv GISDBASE your_grass_database (where "your_grass_database" is the
   same as what you would set for "database" when you enter your GRASS mapset)

2) make sure that the GRASS raster file does not contain any periods (.) in its
   name. Use g.rename if it does.

3) cd into your Arc workspace.

4) fire up Arc.

5) type in the Arc command:
      imagegrid locationname:mapsetname:rastername gridname
   where locationname=your grass location (spearfish), mapsetname=the desired
   mapset (such as PERMANENT) and rastername=the desired raster layer (geology).   gridname=a name for the resulting grid.

6) You may have to use awk or other tools to create an ArcGrid shade file from
   the GRASS colortable. If you don't know how to do this, email me.

Good luck!
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