Local OGIS!! ?

jim at cast.uark.edu jim at cast.uark.edu
Fri Jan 27 10:36:19 EST 1995

OGIS stands for the Open Geodata Interoperability Specification. OGIS
is a project tract being administered by the Open GIS Consortium of 
Boston MA, USA. The objective of the OGIS project is the development 
of a software specification which supports real time access to geodata and 
geoprocessing capabilities within and across a distributed, heterogeneous
computing environment (eg the NET). The development of the OGIS
specification is being undertaken by a broad cross-section of the 
geoprocessing community working in a concensus based Technical Committee /
Working Group environment. Current project members include major GIS software
vendors, systems integrators, federal agencies and a range of major software
and hardware vendors from across the UNIX community. For additional information
on the OGC, the OGIS project and for membership information contact:

Lance McKee
VP Corporate Communications
Open GIS Consortium
lance at ogis.org

> > Support your local OGIS!! :)
> 	Who or what (and where, come to that) would that be?
> 	Martin

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