d.mon and mouse problems

Steven Rose SROSE at flemingc.on.ca
Fri Jun 16 08:00:00 EDT 1995

I the following message to the grassu-list yesterday and haven't 
received any replies, so perhaps the programmers list is the better 
place for it.


Hi!  I'm a new GRASS user and, with the kind help of the folks at 
L.A.S Inc in Montreal, I have GRASS and TK-GRASS running on a
DECStation 5000 with ULTRIX 4.2 and Motif. 

TK-GRASS works fine, and I can use d.mon to start an Xwindows 
graphics screen and have used d.display and d.rast to display some 
stuff in this window.  My problem is that as soon as I bring the 
mouse over the window, or the border of the window -- poof, the 
graphics windows disappears.  If I run d.mon option 3 shows that x0 
is in use, but an option 1 with list -f shows the monitor as not 

Any ideas for solutions, or other things to check out?
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