compiling new for GRASS

Martin Ameskamp ma at
Thu Jun 22 08:00:00 EDT 1995

> Hi,
>    I'm trying to write a GRASS executable (called d.rast.PROJ), but I'm havin
> trouble getting GRASS to recognize it.  The directory is currently just a cop
> of the .../src/display/d.rast directory & it compiles O.K. with gmake4.1.  No
> how do I get GRASS to know it exists?  
>    The GRASS compilation README says to run the MAKELINKS script, but I don't
> want to re-do all the links - I only want to add a link to my executable
> (d.rast.PROJ).

        Well, redoing all the links just takes up a bit of time, no other 
        resources. If you don't want to do it, there's a more direct way:
        cd to $GISBASE/bin, get a directory listing (ls), choose any name
        (I normally use v.trim because that's easy to type and comes last 
        in the listing) and type:
        ln <v.trim> d.rast.PROJ
        Also, make sure that your new binary is in one of the recognized
        binary directories (e.g. $GISBASE/etc/bin/contrib/cmd)

        (to be P.C., maybe you should type 
        ln $GISBASE/etc/front.end d.rast.PROJ
        but since hard links are transitive, it's all the same)


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