Digitizer problem.

GREGOR E FELLERS u2is9gef at gregsun.crrel.usace.army.mil
Thu Jun 29 08:00:00 EDT 1995

I apoligize if this question is not appropriate for this
group but I guess this is the only form of support left. CERL
and Rutgers can not seem to agree on who provides what 

Anyway, any thoughts on the following will be appreciated.

I have have an altek 30 digitizer attached to ttya port on
a Sun workstation. using kermit on the workstation I can talk
to the digitizer with no problem. I can set the format, set
the mode etc etc. Also I can digitize points and receive the data.
works bi-directional with no sweat.

I followed theGrass4.1 install including the digcap stuff and
the permisions on /dev/ttya.

However the v.digit program seems to ignore the digitizer. I put
a terminal on the ttya port inplace of the digitizer and verified
that grass does in fact send a "V (request for point)" . I
know that the digitizer returns data from the kermit test above, but
don't know what grass does with it.

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