How old is my map?

Martin Ameskamp ma at
Mon Nov 13 07:00:00 EST 1995

Hi there,

I'm currently working on a program that reads borehole information 
(talking about soil science here), and produces a GRASS site file and 
the Voronoi tesselation of the borehole sites (using s.voronoi). 
Obviously, I only want to create the site and vector files if 
necessary, which means that I need a way of finding out whether they 
exist (G_find_file("site_lists", ...) and G_find_file("dig", ...) seem 
to do this adequately) and whether they are up to date. 

For this, I need information on the modification dates of the database 
files, for which, in turn, I need the specific filenames. There is a 
routine 'G__file_name' which finds the filename, but this is an 
undocumented function and I'd like to stay as near to documented 
routines as possible. So the question is - is there a 'clean' way of 
finding out how old a given map is (which in general will consist of 
several files)? And if there isn't, is "dig" the best element to check 
for vector files?

Thanks in advance,  Martin

PS Just a reminder: the file grass-defs.h on /grass/incoming has
   prototypes for most of the GRASS library routines (usable for
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