Bitmapped to vector converter code

voglinog at voglinog at
Wed Oct 25 08:00:00 EDT 1995

    I have a lot of black&white bitmapped drawings (the source format
    may be one of .tif, .gif, .pcx, ....) to convert into vectorized
    images such as DXF.
    I know that GRASS is able to do that but I like to know which pieces
    can be put together to build a standalone bitmapped->vector conversion.
    Even if it is necessary to pass through an intermediate format.
    Can anybody help me in some way ?

Giuseppe Voglino
SGS-Thomson Microelectronics VLSI Neural Network R&D
Agrate  B. - MILAN - ITALY

It is not for commercial purposes. The drawings concern the place where
my parents live.

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