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Wed Jan 10 07:00:00 EST 1996


I am trying to develop my first GRASS program, and in that respect I have studi
ed the programmers manual describing the GRASS-libraries etc. However, when I l
ook at the source of existing programs I see that quite a few library routines 
are used which are not documented. Does it exist another document which describ
es all the library routines, or which is the most updated one. 

Another thing. When finnished, the program shall be integrated with another one
 developed by use of OO-techniques. I would therefore like to make this program
 as similar as possible regarding programming style. Have anyone tried to imple
ment GRASS-programs by use of OO-techniques (for instance implement raster map 
layers as objects etc.). Any thougths or experiences regarding this will be hig
hly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Trond Rinde

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