GRASS, Linux and the ``moon''

Pat Morrow pmorrow at
Mon Jan 29 07:00:00 EST 1996

This is probably a bit out of context for the
programmer group, but I am likely to be more
active in this group over the next year or so
than the user group, so this note is also a
bit of a hello.
Having just gotten into GIS/GRASS and Linux,
I am supposed to set up a system (Pentium)
running Linux and GRASS.  Linux 1.2.13 is almost
installed, so it was time to start thinking about
getting GRASS on it.  The latest announcement
about Linux binaries for GRASS was almost a
godsend.  The problem is, I can never get FTP
(Windows version) to give me any sort of intelligent
response.  If I connect to
or to asking for an initial directory
of /grass, my FTP program just waits forever hoping
to get a directory listing (/bin/ls).  Thinking
perhaps anonymous FTP users can't get a directory listing
of that directory due to UNIX permissions, I have
also tried the advertised directory:
and it also is no joy.  (The FTP log shows this
as a non-existant directory.)  Am I using the
wrong TCP port (i.e. should my destination be or what?
Gordon Haverland, P.Eng.
Alberta Agriculture - Precision Farming Project

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