Re. GRASSLANDS (it works !!)

charnotw charnotw at
Mon Jun 3 08:00:00 EDT 1996

Thanks again to everone who answered my previous
message.  LAS have put a new version of grassland
freeware for solaris on their site and it works! at
least I get lots of windows, scroll bars and the rest.
Its got quite a lot of bugs: I can't find any way to
point it at my own dataset other than by editing the
gl.ini file, the librarian window hangs around for 
about 5 minutes after everything else has shuts down. 
And it doesn't like half my rasters, ah well it 
certainly looks nice and I like the map viewer a lot.

Give it a go!

cheers  Tom

Tom Charnock                       O--O
Dept Civil Engineering            (~~~~)
Aston University                 (  __  )
Birmingham B4 7ET UK             /|\  /|\
charnotw at

charnotw wrote:
> Has anybody got GRASSLANDS running on solaris, I've managed to install
> it but it keeps wanting a library:
> /tyne/grasslands/bin/glsh: fatal: /home/software/grass4.1/src/libes/
LIB.Solaris2/ can't open file: errno=2
> How do a persuade it to look in my grass library directory,
> I've set my LD_LIBRARY_PATH and all that?

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