The Future of GRASS

William L. Baker BakerWL at
Thu Mar 14 07:00:00 EST 1996

>Lets move on to FGISF/FGRASSF ( a terrible set of names, IMHO).
>I think that a new group must be formed. Away from CERL/LAS.
>My return question and one that we need to be aware of is how shall LAS
>(the company that CERL is contracting with to handle the ftp server) be

I like the FGISF/FGRASSF idea.  Regarding LAS, I'm not so sure
we want to move away from LAS exactly.  They had been talking
about releasing a free Linux version, just charging for the Windows
version.  They strike me so far as having a very positive corporate
role to play.  If they contribute ideas and/or code to a Linux effort
without charge, is there a difficulty?  Also, their development of
a Windows version will help to maintain interest in GRASS in
general, which can only help the overall effort to keep GRASS alive.

Bill Baker

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