Wanted: Game Programmers and Artists.

Keith Bingham kbingham at magiccarpet.com
Sat May 18 08:00:00 EDT 1996

Wanted: Game Programmers and Artists.

Electronic Dream is searching for programmers and artists who are
working on, or would like the opportunity to work on computer games.

Electronic Dream  has been incorporated for approximately a year and a
half.  We are currently  working on our own project (an adventure
game) which will be released by Christmas under Epic Megagames.   We
also have five other games in progress by students from The School of
Visual Arts, Georgia Tech., and other programmer and artists across
the country.
The games being worked on are all done in high resolution (640x480),
and are programmed in visual C++ for win95 using DirectX (Gaming SDK

If you are part of a development team working on a game that has not
signed for distribution we can get your game signed.

If you are interested in programming or creating artwork for a game
but are not part of a development team, we will gladly assign you to

The teams work at home, and check in with us once a week over the
phone or E-mail.  We review the work, make suggestions, and help them
to avoid time wasting mistakes.  Although we are here to help, the
teams have total control over the development of the project.   

Payment is done on a royalty bases.  The teams are NOT paid during
production of the game, but at the end, in monthly checks for as long
as the game sells.  There is much more profit potential this way.

We are currently trying to expand by beginning more projects.  If you
are interested, please send a resume, images, demo or anything that
will highlight your skills.

Electronic Dream Inc.
Gino Fratto, David Schulman, Alex Kotkin, Keith Beresnoy, Keith

Electronic Dream Inc.
11 c Seaman Rd.
Circleville, NY. 10919
(914) 361-2937
edream at pobox.com

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