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David Guo gesoft at
Wed May 1 08:00:00 EDT 1996

Dear IS Manager,

Would it be nice to replace "terminal emulation" with native      
PC Windows GUI for your existing AS/400 business applications?  
By "native", we mean you run the Windows GUI with the source code
of GUI at your hand! 

The current alternatives are:
    (1) Redesigning the systems: unfortunately, it is

    (2) Screen scrapers or other run-time library (like GUI/400):
        your applications are tied with a third-party proprietary
        run-time library---a close-end solution. 

Our solution is Open/400(TM):
    (1) GUI code for your existing AS/400 programs is generated in
        Visual Basic.

    (2) No change to your RPG programs and AS/400<-->PC
        communication with APPC Router is also automatically

Open/400 is simple and down-to-earth with major advantages:
    (1) Ease of Use: automatic with two simple commands!

    (2) Native GUI: GUI source code is available to you in Visual

    (3) Open Client/Server Solution: You are free to upgrade your
        GUI for future.

        With an open solution, when the transformation is done, it
        is not the end of it: you can change GUI layout or even
        move some of application logic into PC side. (This is why
        we call it Open/400!) 

        Your investment is protected because you can upgrade your

Please check out and down-load our
software for free trial. Also, stay tuned for upcoming Java
version of Open/400. 

Contact us:
             TELEPHONE: 312-225-8442 

Yours Sincerely,

David Guo
Vice President

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