XDRIVER ! -> What does it do ?

Martin Ameskamp ma at informatik.uni-kiel.de
Thu Oct 10 08:00:00 EDT 1996

> Hi there.
> I'm working with grass and found a executable named XDRIVER. 
> I need to know what does it do. So I wanted to know where to find info on thi
> If someone could help me I would be grateful.

        If you're working with GRASS in the sense of having already
        used it, don't worry about XDRIVER :-) GRASS does that for you.

        In case you still want to know:
        The GRASS command d.mon starts XDRIVER for you. In detail:
        If you use 'd.mon start=x0', d.mon looks for 'x0' in the
        file $GISBASE/etc/monitorcap and finds a line starting with
        x0:driver/XDRIVER:X-windows graphics display:
        This tells it that it should start the executable
        $GISBASE/driver/XDRIVER under the name of x0 - which is what
        it does. Pop - there's your GRASS Monitor!

        Hope I didn't confuse things too much (and hope this
        is indeed what happens :-) )


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