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Kim Covil kimc at
Fri Aug 8 08:00:00 EDT 1997


I have been working on a set of utilities to enable users to
specify fields from site lists written in the new sites format.

One of the problems I have encountered with the new sites format
is the flagging of null values in the sites file. A solitary % as
a placeholder for a null numeric value causes the G_site_get()
function to return a -4 and skip the rest of the site.

Even if this was changed so that a solitary % (or @ for that matter)
could be parsed as a null value the Site structure itself does not
allow for attributes to be flagged as nulls. String attributes are 
not a problem (they can be left as NULL pointers) but I think we
need a null_att[] to mirror the dbl_att[] and flag null numeric 

Has anyone else encountered this and have any comments...?

Also has anyone else been working on a method of specifying fields
in command line parameters for use in programs that read sites files?


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