New tcltkgrass V.1.1 available

Markus Neteler neteler at
Fri Apr 3 07:00:00 EST 1998

> First of all congratulations to Jacques Bouchard and Markus Neteler on the ne
> version. It is much improved over the old one and comes at a time when we wer
> starting our own tcltk interface from scratch.

Most of the job was done by Jacques Bouchard! 

> What is the development status of tcltkgrass? We are interested in improving 
> and possibly contributing to the development. 

The current status is the version you get from the GRASS 4.2.1 server:
  -> tcltkgrass V 1.1

> Our main interests are making it
> multi-lingual (text for pushbuttons, labels, etc - we have done this in our
> interface), customizable menu items (for users own grass programs etc) and
> having an interface to a database (we have a simple preliminary prototype bas
> on the old tcltkgrass version using the PostgreSQL database).

Great idea! This is what I am hoping for the future. The V1.1 shall be the init
release for a new GRASS graphical user interface (GUI). There is high potential
develop this package into a friendly, intuitive GUI for GRASS.

> Who should I contact to discuss development of tcltkgrass, Baylor University 
> Markus Neteler? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Please send all you suggestions to me:

 neteler at

I will coordinate tcltkgrass the next time. Baylor's people are concentrated on
GRASS 5.0 (floating point raster).

> BTW, since we compiled the floating point code before Baylor University took
> over development, we did not bother downloading grass 4.2. Where can I find t
> d.pan command? It doesn't seem to be on the Baylor FTP site or the CERL FTP
> site. Do I have to download the entire 4.2 source to extract the d.pan code?

The d.pan command is included in GRASS 4.2.1. I have added more than 30 modules
Get GRASS 4.2.1 from

There is also a list of included modules and certainly a development 
history text (and more...).

Many greetings from

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