v.dig.spline - Help needed

Brian Culpepper brian at cast.uark.edu
Wed Feb 4 07:00:00 EST 1998

I have an NRCS friend in Chicago (w/o web access) who has experienced
problems with v.dig.spline...  I believe v.dig.spline was contributed
by the NRCS, and is included in the NRCS (or SCS) source code, but
*we* don't have it compiled here....  So, anyone feel like helping
a GRASS friend in need?  Please feel free to contact me, or "the friend
in need" :

Mary Beth Quyst, NRCS -Chicago  (630) 505-7819

As for the problem, She receives the following at the command prompt:
>error at line 1
>unexpected parentheses

thanks in advance,

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