importing bmp or TIFF files into GRASS 4.1?

Radoslav Bonk bonk at
Tue Jan 27 07:00:00 EST 1998

On Wed, 7 Jan 1998, BRIAN EDWARD SKAHILL wrote:

> I have some TIFF files which I would like to import into GRASS 4.1.  I
> have scanned the users manual for an appropriate command, but didn't seem
> to find one.  Is it possible to import TIFF and/or bmp files into GRASS
> 4.1?  If so, what is the appropriate command(s).  Thanks for any
> suggestions.
> Brian

Hi Brian,
May be my suggestion is too late, but you can still do it by,
this command is not in official release of GRASS 4.1 but very good info
you can find at Marcus's Neteler page at /try to compile only,
r.out.tiff or you can download release of grass4.2.1/
Another way how to get it is open your *.tif image at XView and save it
like *.ras /sun raster file/ and then run
I prefer, because of better image quality.

Good luck
          -Rado Bonk 

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