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Hi Anthony

On Jan 27, 12:26pm, anthony burns wrote:
> Subject: - linux
> Linux grass users
> I the printer driver ie hp650D, a3 or whatever, it accepts it just
> fine. I then use to develop the map.  After I respond to all questions
> and give a file name to output the map, the process begins , I see
> the printer and then it immediately core dumps with a segmentation fault.
> Any ideas as to what the problem is.
> Thanks
> Anthony
>-- End of excerpt from anthony burns

You may want to try the bug fix on the GRASS FAQ page
(, question 12 - there is a fix for
the command. Although the bug caused different results (the command
quit with an error message - no core dump) on our system, your problem may be
the same bug.

Hope this helps.


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