2. Call for source code

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Tue Mar 3 07:00:00 EST 1998

Dear GRASS Community,

as far as some of you might now I am maintaining the current
version of GRASS (4.2.1). To make the system more perfectly I 
am looking for several missing modules in source code. I hope
that you can help me (put the code into an email for example).

Source code I am interested in is:

 - r.in.tiff/r.out.tiff iwth 24bit support (in KANG's GRASS 4.1.5 was
       such a module)
 - r.runoff (I only have the man-page)
 - r.distance
 - s.in.gps (would be interesting nowadays)
 - v.dig.spline

 - modules you would like to integrate in further GRASS packages

 The results (GRASS 4.2.1 Version x) you find on the following

 It is always uploaded to Baylor - the GRASS Research Group. 
 So GRASS 4.2.1 is an official distribution.

 Thank you very much for your help

   Markus Neteler

      Geographisches Institut    |       Institute of Geography
- Abteilung Physische Geographie | - Physical Geography 
      und Landschaftsoekologie - |            and Landscape Ecology -
      Universitaet Hannover      |   University of Hannover, Germany
                 Email: neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
             Home Page: http://www.geog.uni-hannover.de/users/neteler/

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