to float or not to float ?

Andrea Giacomelli andreag at
Fri Mar 13 07:00:00 EST 1998

Dear List (two messages in a row),

I have been using grass4.1 for a while and, after a one-year full immersion
with other software I am (for certain tasks) coming back to grass.

I downloaded and compiled the 4.2 version, and I wanted to ask a clarification
on floating point functionality: i.e. can the FP libraries which were developed
to enhance the 4.1 version be used also with the 4.2 version ?

(As a matter of fact, working with integers is not so much of a problem;
probably the NULL_VALUE issue is a bit more tricky)

Thanks for any feedback,

                Andrea Giacomelli
                Centre for Advanced Studies, Research and
                Development in Sardinia
                Environment Division


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