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Richard E Nairn ren at
Fri Mar 27 07:00:00 EST 1998

> Ok, on to the next problem... I am using and If I
> don't have a ps painter set up it will use the normal 8.5 / 11
> definition. and it will turn out fine... However if I use to
> select another page size and run the same script, the raster image
> will come out blank...
> Does anyone else have this problem??? This happens if I compile it
> myself, or if I use the binary compiled version from Markus Neteler. 

Ok, after a little debugging, I found the problem with The
C code that parses the device files is missing a header declaration,
so it produces garbage.  It uses atof and atoi but it forgot to use
#include <stdlib.h> for the definitions.  When i made the change it
works very nicely.  The file involved was

PS, I notified Markus so that he could patch the official sources.

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