[GRASS5] 64-bit PVF patch (read-only)

Bill Hughes bhughes at grasshoppernet.com
Tue Dec 28 19:47:07 EST 1999

If anyone was holding his breath waiting for this patch, you
can exhale now.  I have a tarball on my webpage at 
http://www.grasshoppernet.com/~bhughes that contains enough
code to allow Alpha-platform machines to read the Portable
Vector Format.  I do not recommend it as a general-use patch.
It "ought to work" on non-Alpha machines, but that's easy to
say and harder to prove.  Apply to 5.0beta6d source.

Using this patch will disable access to the native-sized
pseudo-version-4 vector files that Alphans have been using, so
if you _need_ this you should continue using the PORT_LONG=8
hack.  (and why are you using an Alpha in production???)

I have successfully drawn several of the vector maps in the
Spearfish examples, just to see what the rest of you have been
working on.  I expect that there are still bugs.  There is PVF
writing code in this patch, but it has not been tested.

This patch is an interim fix for a 64-bit architecture
until somebody does the job properly.  This re-write has given
me valuable insight, and this code is not part of The Plan.

Bug reports are welcome, or something-

Bill Hughes

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