[GRASS5] Confusion on GRASS future at Baylor

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Mon Dec 13 13:41:30 EST 1999

Dear developers,

before you hear different things, it seems, Baylor and
me are again in a problematic situation. 

Last week I was writing an email commenting contents of
the Baylor's GRASS site. Reason was that some documents
were rather outdated and install instructions missing.

Some people at Baylor have taken this personally. It
was not my intention to offend anyone personally but
I wanted to improve things (as usual). 
My apogolgies for my bad english *if* I have written
anything in an unacceptable manner. Bruce will have kept
the messages - you may judge yourself.

But I think it is important to discuss problems 
directly without much extra words. Anything else is waste
of time.

If you think of me that I am too impatient, please tell
me immediately. GRASS is a big project, it needs a lot
of energy. Sometimes I may be to tired to write clear
letters. Apologies in this case. Especially email is
a one-dimensional medium (with language barrier).
But I am *not* responsible for everything as I was told
some minutes ago from a Baylor team member! Therefore I am
choosing this way to have witnesses.

If you do not want me any more organizing the GRASS 5 package,
please tell me. As Helena and Bill may remember, I already thought
in October to stop the coordination due to letters from

Baylor team says they would organize everything. This is not the
case. And it is not necessary anyway. So I do not see too
much problems actually. But I think it is required to describe
who is doing work on source code etc. A sort of "credits"
page as to be found at Illinois and Hannover. At Baylor it
look like as they would do everything. This was one point
I critizied in my last week's email. As this all seems to
be taken personally, we have a problem now.

For me it is unacceptable to be made responsible for current
troubles at Baylor University. How could I have the power?

My intention is to improve GRASS - with those many contributions
from the team members. Nothing else!

Well, I will see what happens now. If I am totally wrong, please
send me a note. If required you can have the email I just

Best regards

 Markus Neteler

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