[GRASS5] new mailing list is online

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at uwm.edu
Mon Nov 29 12:33:00 EST 1999

On Mon, Nov 29, 1999 at 10:21:55AM -0600, Bruce_Byars at baylor.edu wrote:
> No worries.  The list is exactly the same.  Moderated, yes, but
> all posts still go to list as before.  It's an admin thing.
Okay. So it is not a moderation of posts?
In my experience, people react a bit sensitive to changes from
non moderation to moderation. It also slows down the 
turnaround time considerably, which is a major drawback.

Even if you promisse to let every mail through, it has to be
automatically in my view. 

> > > The webserver/ftp server is a Sun Ultra Enterprise
> > > 256mb ram, 10/100.
> > Sounds very good.
If GRASS development ist possible on this machine.
This would be a significant advantage, at least for me.
(Yes,this is a question. ;-) )
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