[GRASS5] s.to.rast not wokring[3~

Bill Brown brown at gomez.gis.uiuc.edu
Wed Nov 17 17:07:20 EST 1999


s.to.rast expects category values, so you have to have the 
elevations as category values (after #).  It can be floating
point.  This is another program that should be "fixed" to 
take advantage of the new multiple attributes in sites - 
add optional option such as "attribute=value" which, if given, 
would look for the Nth floating point attribute for the site, 
or if not given it would continue to use the category.  Or if 
the s.format tool I described before were available, you could 
convert it with that.  For now, you just have to use awk or
vi to fix the sites file.

- Bill

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