[GRASS5] On publishing GRASS 5 beta4something

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Tue Oct 19 09:25:42 EDT 1999

Hi there,

before publishing we shall get in sync following


Those I received today and I will include them in next beta4l.

s.surf.rst is not o.k. at least for Helena/Bill B. 
Here we need clarification. Best thing would be direct
discussion between Helena/Bill B. and Bill H. (by using
this internal list address or directly).

r.contour seems to be o.k. (Helena told me)

r.surf.rst got improvements by Jarom I have heard (it was not working).
Please send the changes over to me for next beta4l.

I already got small updates from Morten on g.setproj and m.proj.

The man-pages (g.manual) have to be checked and partly
updated (using g.html2man). Lisa...? :-)

I suggest to re-check next beta4l again before publishing. This
should be the final beta4 internal before publishing as
"official GRASS 5 beta4".

On Mon, 18 Oct 1999, Bruce Byars wrote:
> Markus,  I agree, lets let 5k go.  Shall we say Wednesday morning
> for coordination purposes?  Also, I need from you the 421 that
> we talked about for the 43 instables. 
GRASS 4.2.1 V.22 is there internally. We can call it 
"GRASS 4.3 stable" which shall be the final version on the
GRASS 4.x tree. From now onwards there will be no further
support on GRASS 4.x (as GRASS 5 becomes stable).

General problem on GRASS 5 is different results from
- r.stats
- other modules (see knownbugs_oct99.txt for details).

Sometimes I found surprising values in FP obviously due
to quant problems or something else. We have to take
care for this if we want GRASS 5 to become a convincing 

Well, I am awaiting final updates for beta4 and publish
internally the final beta4l before the official publish
next week or so.

Bruce: The planned bug-tracking system will be part of 
your new server?

Thanks for listening


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