[GRASS5] news from cagsr

Bruce Byars Bruce_Byars at baylor.edu
Mon Oct 18 16:38:43 EDT 1999

Greetings Markus (and the rest of the gang),

Well, it looks like we are running into web server problems here
with our ITC group.  So it is looking like we will be building our
own new webserver for GRASS called ....  grass.baylor.edu.
We'll be moving GRASSnet over to this new server along with
setting up a new area for http AND ftp downloading of all files,
manuals, etc.  Also, we'll have a developers area for all of us and
everyone will have their own email and user accounts on this
new web server.  Email me with what you want names and
accounts to be called.

Along with your ideas Markus, we will give all developers access
to the main site to update things, as well as set up new personal
areas.  So, if I am working on Solaris7 Intel issues , we will point to
http://grass.baylor.edu/solaris7i for example.  I am hopeful that we
can get this moving within the next couple of weeks and be on-line
during that timeframe.  Everyone let me know your thoughts as this
will be a major undertaking and we'd like all the feedback we can
get to set this up right.  Now I just need to see how much capital
we have left to do this with! :-)

Markus,  I agree, lets let 5k go.  Shall we say Wednesday morning
for coordination purposes?  Also, I need from you the 421 that
we talked about for the 43 instables.  This would be a great kickoff
for the new server site.  Lisa emailed the newest manual set to you.
Did you get a the copies?  Let me know.  Let's get those out there

Take care everyone,


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